The Two Slit Experiment (2016)  is a sculptural installation and performance site that teases out the history of Richmond, Virginia's Red Light District. That economy, partly sanitized into invisibility by the institutional force of VCU campus boundaries (where Knoop received an MFA), is re-activated here, mutated equally by their personal experiences and private fantasies. What results is an evocative transmogrification of  "A Members-Only After Hours Club" -- a durational performance that fuses money-distribution systems with an expanding choreography of  intimacy with friends and strangers, including a pole dancer, Jiu Jitsu practitioners, and audience members that inhabit the space with Knoop and the sculptural objects.  This project makes room for a sociality that insists on the specificity of position and viewpoint, while also acknowledging the honesty of improvisation and random contact, whether through the flirtatiousness of a caught glance on the dance floor or the flare of hard control in a semi-regulated space.

Performers: Nasiha Rashid, ROYAL, and Savannah Knoop

Hellen Wallace, Manon Gentle

Tech Savante: Laura Mcadams

Photos by: Max Runko, Sharon Hennessey

Many thanks to: VCU Sculpture + Extended Media, Old Dominion Club, Lee Relvas