Knoop’s show, Heads and Tails, makes connections between money and the binary, as enacted through the“heads” and “tails” of a coin. Knoop’s “heads” hang on the wall as personalized, wearable hats cast in solid iron; the “tails” are handmade wooden stools that become temporary appendages when sat upon. The stools rock back and forth, in an experience that is, by turn, dynamic, performative, and unwieldy. Knoop offers a third interpretation— 3D printed coins hung in the liminal archways of the space. One, a cerulean blue cowrie shell the size of a hand; the other, a bronze coin of the artist’s silhouette connect the inception of money as a human story telling device that both forges human potentiality, as well as disconnects energy from it’s inherent value system. Knoop’s objects encourage a kind of physical experience, while providing connections that are oblique, overlapping, contingent, and, like the title, additive instead of oppositional.

Curated by Eve Fowler.

Text partly written by Molly Larkey.