WOAHMONE. Woahmyne. Woahmommy. Hmones.  TheMone.

WOAHMONE with a Woah, and a Mone, imagines a new rendering of Womyn with a Y, throwing essentialism to the wind to embrace the polymorphous body in all of it’s hormonal secretions. 

For seven years, from 2009 to 2016, the Perv-eyors of  WOAHMONE – Savannah Knoop, Nath Ann Carrera and Nica Ross – came together to create a monthly audio visual party, celebrating the expansive radicalism of Queers, weirdos, and Womyn’s Libbers. Spanning the 60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s, (and beyond), Nath Ann Carrera and Savannah Knoop played music that embraced the occult, the seedy, the ecstatic, and the experimental; while Nica Ross' AssTral Projections combined a pastiche of found films, homemade porn, and YouTube clips.

WOAHMONE invited a variety of guest DJs and visual artists (Justin Vivian Bond,Amber Martin, Ana-matronic, Seth Kirby, Anna Betzbe, Elizabeth Orr, Rind, Newbody, Emma Hedditch, Jeanine Oleson, Amber Martin, Jill Reiter,Geo Wyeth, M. Lamar, MPA, Shy Boi, Poszi-Poszi, Gage Boone, Designer Imposter, Mona Wams (and beyond))  to create live video-based performances, and debut new film and video work. Woahmone was held at Von, C’mon Everybody, and made installations for International Center of Photography, Performa, the Feminist Press, and the Knock Down Center, as well as participating in States of Excess and Undress: Fashion, Performance, and Taboo in Nightlife at the Museum of Art and Design’s conference on nightlife as social practice(2013) . 

Every month the triumvirate came together to create a free associative zeitgeist WOAHMONE collage for their flyers and posters.